The Owners of TiDi Apparel are Andy and Eulith Salandy. Born and raised in the island of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), Andy and Eulith met in their second high school, St. Augustine Senior Comprehensive High School, more appropriately known in T&T as the Green Machine.


Eulith was the Captain of the high school girls' Netball team and Andy was the captain of the boys' football (soccer) team. The Green Machine was the most dominant high school in both Netball and Football in that Era. In 1987 after leaving high school Andy was fortunate enough to secure a full-athletic Football scholarship to attend the prestigious Division I University Appalachian State University (ASU) in Boone NC. Andy and Eulith got married in 1989 and then Eulith also attended ASU on a partial academic scholarship. Andy got his Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Med Biology with a Minor in Chemistry and then his Masters Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Bacteriology. Eulith got her Bachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine and then her Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Winston-Salem State University. Andy had an amazing football career at ASU and captained the team after his Sophomore year to his Senior year. At that time only upper-class men, Seniors, were captains on the Football team. Andy went on to establish 4 school records that still stand today; the most games played in the history of ASU Football (soccer), the most minutes played, the most games started in a career (he never missed a game in 4 years) and the most games played in a season. Andy was inducted into the prestigious ASU Sports Hallo Fame for soccer (football) in September 0f 2012.


Andy and Eulith entered the working world with the same tenacity that they had approach sports and academic in their high school and College careers always striving to be the best. "We came from a culture that pounded into us education was the key to success in life". Although very educated we found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck and quickly started realizing business and relationships were the key to success in life. Andy and Eulith started working in the network marketing industry while working their full-time jobs building several companies along the way. While we started making money and building a financial future, we also developed tremendous networking skills and started building amazing relationships and friendships along the way. Today we call that relationship capital a term we got from a business colleague and now very close friend we have in our inner circle.


In 2013 we started a youth soccer club in Winston-Salem NC known as FC Cardinals. After two years of buying soccer uniforms and paying way more than we believe we needed to, Andy and Eulith asked themselves 'why can't we create our own apparel brand'. That was the day TiDi = Think it..Do it.. make it happen was born. We had the name of the brand and the concept Think it..Do it… but we needed a logo to symbolize our vision. We came across the infinity symbol and saw the words "Hope and Faith" written on the arms of the infinity symbol and we had that "EUREKA" moment. Our TiDi brand logo is the infinity symbol with the words "Think it" and "Do it" engraved on the arms of the symbol. This was the perfect representation of our vision because we believe that God has deposited a gift into every human being on the planet and we are all supposed to be living into our purpose. What stops most people is the doing aspect of living their life or put another way, living by faith and not by fear. Our brand represents unlocking the God-given ability in all of us and helping people believe in themselves and live into their purpose. Think it = Hope and Do it = faith and that is an unstoppable combination in living your dreams and accomplishing your goals in life. Our brand encourages you to step into your purpose and make a difference each and every day.

We partnered up with an amazing business woman, Ms. Yorda Shenen, who is a guru in the Fashion world and cosmetics industry. Yorda has the same vision and mission using her amazing skillset in the fashion world and her fantastic network. Now collectively we are together taking TiDi and Yorda Shenen to the world. We look forward to working with you, extending our arms to you to become a valued member of our TiDi family as we Think it and Do it and continue to change the world with one beautiful "thought" at a time and that gets executed without procrastination.